Sunday, June 26, 2011

Music Time!


Runaway Airport Cake

Hello everyone..Seems like it's been a while I didn't manage to update this blog ya miss this blog so much but am too busy to online because my work have been overload and overload everyday and now I have to steal this precious time to post something about this Runaway Airport Cake...

Well a few days ago my friend text me that she want's to order a birthday cake for his beloved hubby which is fall on the June 27th...and she ask me what usually the Man birthday cake look like and I told her that I have no idea but looks like it's simple coz man always don't care about it right but luckily she manage to find an idea what is the cake theme..and here it is...

It's look's simple but I manage to do it and hope she like it. You can find this recipes via this blog. It is the Carrot Cheese Cake!

Cheers Joyce..Have Fun!


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