Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Kitchen Tools That Will Save You Money

By Kimberly Palmer

Slow Cookers

Preparing a meal in advance to cook all day while you’re out and about means coming home to mouth-watering smells and it saves you time in the evening. You won’t be tempted to order take-out because your meal is already made.

Cheese Grater

Grating your own cheese takes an extra five minutes in prep and clean-up time, but the results taste better and are cheaper than packages of pre-shredded cheese.

Hand-held blender

This device is easier to use and clean than traditional countertop blenders. It works well for soups, smoothies, and baby food.


Even seasoned chefs can use some inspiration now and then, and that’s where cookbooks come in. Classics like the Joy of Cooking and new favorites such as Barefoot Contessa’s How Easy Is That? provide recipe ideas as well as time and money-saving tips.


Herb Garden

Purchasing the occasional handful of basil or mint can set you back $3 a pop. Instead, plant a small herb garden so you can brighten up your sauces and pastas on the cheap.

Coffee Maker

We’ve all heard how quickly the costs of daily coffee purchases can add up. A simple drip machine or French press allows you to make fresh coffee whenever you want it. As long as you buy high-quality beans, your cup of joe can taste just as good as what you find at the local café.

Tea Pot

The same make-your-own philosophy applies to tea. Jazzing up your teapot can make you more excited about brewing your own Earl Gray.

Pizza Cutter

As long as you grate your own cheese and either make your own dough or buy cheap pre-made dough, homemade pizza can be cheaper than store-bought slices. Owning a pizza slicer makes your creations look professional.


One of the biggest money-savers is learning to waste less food. Re-heating leftovers in the microwave helps with this goal.

Food Storage Containers

High-quality storage containers that can hold up in the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave make it easy to use all of your leftovers. Plus, you can turn your freezer into a fast food joint with an array of ready-to-go meal options.

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